Evil Eye

evil eyeWhat Is Evil Eye?

Evil Eye is the name of a sickness. Usually with or without intention by someone, who is envious or even pious person from among man or ghost. Evil Eye centralizes on the fact that envy or cast unwanted cursed on an innocent person. There are some cases people affect and make them ill and medical science has not been able to make an exact diagnosis. And it has not been able to give any information about its real cause. One of them is the effects of Evil Eyes. It is known and accepted the reality that Evil Eyes can cause a person to become sick and even die.

Symptoms Of Evil Eye

For see the most common symptoms of the Evil Eye Click Here.

How To Remove Evil Eye?

If a person has any symptoms or suspects that he has affected my Evil Eyes. Then recite Darood Pak 101 times Al-Fatiha 21 times, Ayat-al kursi 21 times, Surah Falaq 101 times, and Surah Nas 21 times for seven days it is not only protected from Evil Eyes but also remove previous effects. I have many ways to remove and protect from Evil Eyes that I am going to tell here.

Protection Amulet For Evil Eye

If someone suffers from evil eyes and worries about it then they should use this amulet so evil eyes will be removed. This is very simple and essay amulet first makes this amulet on white paper with black color as.Protection Amulet for evil eye

After that say 12 times and blow on the amulet and close it. ” I seek protection for you in Allah perfect words from every devil and every poisonous reptile and every evil eye“.

Protection Amulet From Evil Eye For Children’s

We can see that people do not care about the matter of the evil eye. However, especially babies and little children must be protected from evil eye effects. If any children suffer from evil eyes then parents can use this amulet to remove it and protection. This amulet is very essay to use First get a white paper and make this amulet with black color.protection amulet from evil eye for children

After made say 9 times and blow on the amulet and close. “In the name of Allah I blow on you from everything that can harm you from the evil of every soul or jealous eye may Allah heal you in the name of Allah I blow on you”.

Remove Evil Eye

The ghost can also harm people with evil eyes. Evil eye effect is sometimes caused by human beings and sometimes by the ghost. Evil eyes of the ghost effect faster than the speed of an arrow think that evil eyes mean the effects caused by the ghost on a person. Ghost evil eyes affect a human to make him ill, stomach, or vomiting problems, and the patient will peril and feel tired. Protect from ghost evil eye we need some things as
remove evil eye

  1. Black lentil
  2. Egg
  3. Rice Grains
  4. Lentil
  5. white cloth

Describe these things to make it easy for you


remove evil eye

Black lentil

remove evil eye

Rice Grains

remove evil eye

remove evil eye

After mixing they will be looked at;

remove evil eye

Now recite the Surah Falak 303 times. Then put these things in white cloth and close this cloth and keep on the right side of the pillow before sleep. as:

remove evil eye

Then wake up early morning before sunrise and  go outside and keep these things under a tree as;


remove evil eye Now come back to your home and take a bath and change your cloth before the sun rising. The evil eye will be removed. If you need more details or any help you can contact Akhtar Bhai he will guide you further.

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