horoscopeWhat Is Horoscope

A horoscope is the picture of the planets during the birth of any person which differs from people to people, due to the continuous movement of the planets. Horoscope is a language of secrets that investigates the relation of human beings with the heavenly bodies of the universe. It is a system of belief which shows that there is a strong relation between the movement of celestial bodies and the happening on the earth.

Horoscope uses different methodologies to predict the hidden aspects of personality. Horoscope gives the elaborate details about the positive and negative aspect of personality by dividing the year into twelve months. Where each month represents a specific zodiac sign. Each sign distinct feature and qualities. These specific signs define the personality of every person.

Horoscope Dates And Signs

A year has twelve months and there are twelve signs of horoscope1-Capricorn(Dec 23 to Jan 19) 2-Aquarius(Jan 20 to Feb 18) 3-Pisces(Feb 19 To March 20) 4-Aries(March 21 to Apr 19) 5-Taurus(Apr 20 to May 20) 6-Gemini(May 21 to Jun 21) 7-Cancer(Jun 22 to July 22) 8-Leo( July 23 to Aug 22)  9-Virgo(Aug 23 to Sep 22) 10-Libra(Sep 23 to Oct 22) 11-Scorpio(Oct 23 to Nov 21) 12– Sagittarius(Nov 22 to Dec 22). It does not mean that people born in exact same place and exact same time have the same sign. If you want to know about your sign of horoscopes you can look below in the chart and find your date of birth. You can click on date of the signs for details of their compatibility and other interesting things you can know.


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