Black Magic SymptomsPeople want to know that. Are they victimized by black magic or not? I am going to mention different types of black magic symptoms. After read these black magic symptoms. If any one or more than one symptoms match with any person problems. That means he/she is victim of black magic. There are different types of black magic that’s why symptoms are not same. Different spell casters using different methods of magic. After match any symptom that already have mentioned below. You have to contact as soon as possible with your spiritual healer. Or you can contact with Amel Akhtar so he can remove black magic from you.

Starting Black Magic Symptoms.

  1. Sicknesses.
  2. Hate your self.
  3. Become lazy.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Anger increase.
  6. Don’t like to do work.
  7. Eyes remain red and feel irritation in eyes.
  8. Feeling die or soon you will die.
  9. Hopeless.
  10. Back-ache.
  11. Hair fall allot.

Common Black Magic Symptoms.

  1. Extreme fearfulness.
  2. Disinterest in life.
  3. Bleeding continuously (women) without medical cause.
  4. Joints pain.
  5. The person may become a recluse and may begin to feel resentment towards some of the closest of relatives or friends.
  6. Some person pleasure when their clothes body and surroundings are dirty and unclean.
  7. Permanent headaches without medical cause.
  8. Weakness in body for no reason.
  9. Difficulty in breathing and have chest pain.
  10. A feeling of sadness and depression combined with a feeling of suffocation.
  11. Weakness of memory.
  12. Feeling having fever most of the time.
  13. Heart beat fast.
  14. Losing money.
  15. All work blocked.
  16. Continuous illness of any member of the family and all treatments fail.
  17. Objection/unwillingness to study not interested in home, wife, etc.
  18. Income blocked.
  19. Body burns.
  20. Twitching in body parts.
  21. Bad luck all the time.
  22. Feeling anger hate your own self.
  23. Heaviness in head and shoulders.
  24. Depressions.
  25. Blue or Red marks on your body parts.

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