Voodoo Love SpellsVoodoo love spells to get your lover or ex back. Fall someone in love with the help of voodoo love spells and make anyone to love you. Voodoo love spell is a natural process with the help of different material and chant. We can command over a person he/she will work according to our instruction. He/She will do what you want him to do. This voodoo love spell is very powerful and should be use extreme situation.

Voodoo Love Spells

Begin with burning a sock full of dried white roses in the hour when the moon is at its fullest. Then mix the ashes with the powdered bones of a pigeon and a pair of eyes a bird(hoopoe). After that wait Friday and on Friday night make a small wax doll to symbolize the man or woman from whom you desire love. Mix a small bit of nail clipping or hair from the intended lover with the wax to give the doll power. After the doll has been made fix hoopoe heart(energized by mantra) and name of desired(as mentioned in pictures).

To make it even stronger dress it with a piece of cloth that obtained from the clothing of the person whom the doll is made for love. If not able to get the lover cloth no problem we can continue without cloth. Voodoo love doll will looks same as pictures mentioned below.

Voodoo Love SpellsVoodoo Love SpellsVoodoo Love Spells

After complete light a tall red candle. Tie a red string around the doll and then sprinkle a bit of the love powder over it and chant:****************************************************************************************


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Voodoo Love Spells