Love Amulet

If anyone facing problems in his/her love marriage then they can use this amulet. This love amulet or taweez brings result very soon. This love amulet use only for right purpose as marriage otherwise you will carry Endangerment. Therefore to stop misuse of this amulet for love. Please be careful and do not try to misuse this amulet or taweez anyway. It is highly advisable to consult with Amel Akhtar before using them. This amulet or Taweez only for muslims.


Procedure:-   We need some stuff for this love amulet as;

love amulet


  1. white paper
  2. saffron
  3. green marker
  4. desired name






First step we mix water in saffron as;

love amulet

Second step separate the water from saffron and this water spread on a white paper when white paper will dry looking as;


love amulet
love amulet
After Dry











Third step is after dry this paper you can write this amulet on saffron paper with green marker as;

love amulet

after written amulet or taweez, write your name and desired at backside of this amulet or taweez. Write  it as; (your lover name then write ala al hub after that write your name)

After doing this then you will read darood pak 11 times first and last in Ya Wadudo 303 times, blow on love amulet and close this amulet or taweez and put in your right arm. Now read darood pak 11 times first and last in Ya Wadudo 101 times daily. You will see result Inshallah he/she will going doter.

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