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Dua for Exams

If you already have given your exams and you feel that your result will fail. Or if you could not be prepared for your exams properly and you know that you will face failure in your exam result. Then this dua for exams can read. Dua for exams is “Ya Haseebu” recite in Wazu 11000 times in one night.

This dua should complete in one night and this dua only uses after the exam and before result (result not declared). But if the result already declared then no need to recite this dua because it is not going to work.

But only and only can recite after exams and before the result. This dua will recover all the mistakes that you already have done in your exams. And you will be able to pass your exams after this dua for exams.

Dua Before Studying

This dua is for those students who

  • Always want to study but cannot concentrate.
  • Hard to memorize things.
  • Hard work but always forgets.
  • Always can remember but at the time forget.

Are you facing, any of the difficulties and want to get rid? Then this dua before studying is good for all of them. Whenever you want to memorize anything or before studying you need to recite 11 times “YA ALIMU ALAMNI“. This is a very easy and effective dua before studying that works instantly and will increase your learning powers.

Exam Spell

  • Are you weak in your studies?
  • Are your remembering power is weak?
  • Are you forgetting whatever you learned?
  • Are you not getting result according to your efforts?
  • Are you already have failed and want to pass your exam?
  • Are you going to take the competitive exams?
  • Are you wanted to achieve good marks?

Then the exam spell can sort out all such problems. Exam spell is very powerful to fulfill all your dreams in studies. If you suspect a failure in exams, then spell will really work to pass your exams with grace marks. You can get your desired result after the exam spell.

For an exam spell, you can contact Akhtar Bhai asking your questions about dua for exams or to solve you’re all problems. He will guide you further.



14 thoughts on “Magic Spells For Exam

  1. your education spell really works!!!! i am finally, finally comprehending my eighth grade math that i’m learning. we’re doing standard deviation of data and i’ve got the lay of the land about that thank you from my mathematical brain

  2. i asked for an education spell because i had a very tough graduate class taught by one of the hardest professors.
    well this subject wasn’t his strong suit so he was learning as he went. i received and “A” in this course and that would have never had happen without Akhtar help.

  3. Akhtar bhai did spell for education to help me with a tough maths module at college wow i just got the results 76%

  4. Asslamwalekum bhya mai kset competion exam baiti hu us exam me 3 marks lina mai elgibal ho jaungi my key answer chek kari hu 3 marks kam padre kya ye wajifha kari to kamiyab hojaungi na pls istakhra karkebatana bhya ap dua kare us exam me 3 marks se jiyda leke elgibale ho jau pls bhi dua karna pls

  5. i requested magic spell for exam, last night i went to check my grades to my surprise i saw that i got a on my project and b on my quiz you have no idea how much happy i am this magic exam spell really worked

  6. whether it is a one day wazifa or we have to do this on a daily basis..
    plzz tell me procedure…or can you do exams spells to help me to pass my exams

  7. Dear Sir

    Great to see you. Sir I really need your help urgently to cast an spell for my exams results which was will be declared by 20th jan2017.
    I appeared for the competitive exams in July 2016 and failed but this time I worked hard day and night and appeared on 1 & 2nd Dec and waiting for results..iam really worried about the results as iam a married and have a child and spended a lot of money in my education and stayed away from family for 8months .
    Please consider this as very important as the results is the turn of life so please do your best to cast a spell for getting pass in exams .
    Kindly reply to my message.
    Thank you.

  8. Honestly , akhtar bhai is a great spell caster . Thank you for the exam spell .now i have passed my final exams .God bless your beautiful soul akhtar .
    you can contact him for your exams help or spell for passing your exams

  9. Hi Akhtar,
    How are you? I have been struggling to pass my exams, so I don’t if u can help me. I need to sat it by end of the month. These are the names of the exams “Life in the UK test” and
    ” Driving theory Test” please let me know if you can help me to pass this. Thank you.

  10. I am result waiting student . I did M.A English language and literature. I am Worried about my result. I need magic spell for exams to get good result in my annual result.

  11. Sir,I have given a competitive exam. Despite a lot of hard work, I didn’t do well ( paper was difficult). please help me in passing my exam . The result will be out in another 5 days… Please help me.

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