dua for examsDua For Exams

If you already have gave your exams and you feel that your result will be fail. Or if you could not prepared your exams properly and you knows that you will face failure in your exam result. Then this dua for exams can read. Dua for exams is “Ya Haseebu” recite in Wazu 11000 times in one night. This dua should complete in one night and this dua only use after exam and before result(result not declared). But if result already declared then no need to recite this dua because it is not going to work. But only and only can recite after exams and before result. This dua will recover all your mistakes that you already have done in your exams. And you will be able to pass your exams after this dua for exams.

Dua Before Studying

This dua is for those students who always want to study. But can not concentrate or some students trying hard to memorize things. But always forget and cause of failure and face bad luck in study. Mostly students always can remember but at the time forget. If you are facing that kind of difficulties in study and want to survive. Then this dua before studying is good for all of them. Whenever you want to memorize anything or before studying you need to recite 11 times “YA ALIMU ALAMNI”. This is very essay and effective dua before studying that work instantly and will increase your learning powers.

Exam Spell

Are you weak in your studies, your remembering power is weak, forgets whatever you learnt, not getting result according to your efforts, you already have failed and want to pass your exam, then this exam spell can sort out all such problems. This is a very powerful exam spell to fulfill all your dreams in studies, it also can help in competition exams, achieve good marks, and top in all courses. If you suspect failure in exams this spell will really work for pass your  exams with grace marks. You can get your desire result after this exam spell.


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Exam Spell