Evil Eye Symptoms

Those who influence by evil eye have mentioned below many of the symptoms from that it should be identified. Maybe or maybe not someone has possession of Jinn or suffering from evil eye or sorcery.

However, these are not the definitive symptoms and can vary in some cases, and will be more or less in different cases. These signs are going to show the strength of the evil eye and people who place the evil eye on others.

If u suffer from these symptoms or have any queries without hesitation to induce in touch. If you wish more information you can comment below.

These are the symptoms of being suffering from the evil eye.

Symptoms of Evil Eye

  1. Continual sicknesses
  2. Continual skin diseases
  3. Constant tension and depression
  4. Excessive fright
  5. Failing in examinations despite the diligence
  6. Forgetfulness despite smart intellect
  7. Not obtaining utilized
  8. Failure in business
  9. Continual money losses
  10. Not obtaining married
  11. Matrimonial discord (Note: sometimes because of black magic look at the symptoms of black magic)
  12. Abortions
  13. Premature birth
  14. Youngsters dying before three
  15. Feelings of physical or emotional weariness
  16. Unexplained dangerous luck
  17. Un-favorable incidences
  18. Malady
  19. Sleepiness
  20. Drooping eyelids
  21. Weariness
  22. Lack of focus
  23. Irritability
  24. Anxiety
  25. Stomach pains
  26. Convulsions
  27. Headaches
  28. Hiccoughs
  29. Clumsiness
  30. Stomachaches
  31. Dry coughs
  32. Diarrhea
  33. Itching
  34. Hair loss
  35. Dry skin disgorgement
  36. Issues with the eyesight
  37. Disorders in expelling
  38. Deficient breast milk
  39. Incessant weeping
  40. Refusal of a baby to suck or drink milk
  41. Suddenly job loss

In addition, you see any of these signs above then see the Cure of Evil Eye. One thing must keep in mind that sometimes evil eye symptoms are the same as black magic symptoms.

Furthermore, for determining that your problem is relating to which way weather evil eye or black magic you can see the symptoms of black magic.

After reading this if you still are not sure what is your situation? Then you need to contact your healer or you can contact Akhtar Bhai.


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