AmnesiaWhat IS Amnesia?

Amnesia refers to the loss of memories. We can call it weakness of memory. Amnesia generally doesn’t cause a loss of self identity, but may have trouble learning new information and forming new memories. At the extreme situation victim can forgetting other names. It is very rare. He/She remember way of home also remember who is the next person sitting in front of them. These are the mostly those people who are attached with him/her, just like friends relatives etc. But he/she try to remember there names. But because of the amnesia they have forget the names.

Eight Things Are The Cause Of Amnesia.

1- From eating paneer(cheese).

2- From eating any thing a mouse has touched.

3- By eating a sour apple.

4- By eating lots of coriander.

5- Any piercing on the neck.

6- By walking in-between two women.

7- By looking at your desired.

8- By leaving mites and nits alive.

Symptoms Of Amnesia

  • Memory lose.
  • Hard to make decisions.
  • Abstract thinking problems.
  • Confusion.
  • Forgetting things during talk with someone.
  • Hard to remember things.
  • Hard to learn new things.
  • Headache during thinking.

Spiritual Healing Of Amnesia.

If you have these all symptoms then Before learning any kind of ilam/knowledge you must read this one time.

“Allahumaftah Aleina Hikmataka Wanshur Aleina Rehmataka Ya Zuljlali Wal Ikram”

This is simple and essay way. But some people who can not read this or some people who already reading this and do not feel any change. Then they can contact Amel Akhtar for spiritual healing. Because weakness of memory also include in black magic symptoms. Some times it happens that jealous people do black magic to create this problem. It can happens with students or some people who are working in offices.


To contact us for asking your questions or to solve your all problems. I will guide you further.



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