Remove Black Magic

If someone has suffer from black magic then use this remove black magic spell and feel independent. This spell is very easy and these pictures make easier for you.

Procedure;- First of all get a bowl.


remove black magic


and write these words with blue marker in bowl; Bismillah Arhman Arheem Allaho Noor-u-Smawati Wal Arz Misli Noorhu Kmshkwati Fiha Misbalmisbha Fi Zjajati Kanha Kokab Darie Youkad Min Shajrati Mubarkta Zetunati La Sharkiehi Wala Garbiyati Yakad Zetihaa Yazei Wala Lam Tamsiss Nar Noor Ala Noor YahdiAllah Hunooruho Maenyashaaei Wa yagribiAllah Ilalmsal Lilnass.


remove black magic

after writing these words put water in little bit in this bowl and neat these world with water as;
remove black magic
now recite Surah Flak 101 times at this water after reciting drink this water black magic will remove.
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